• Kim F Vaughan

£25 can be life changing

£25 could be life changing - for you, for me and for a woman starting her own business in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Are you a leader wanting to sharpen and polish your leadership skills?

  • Do you want to win a new role and hit the ground running?

  • Are you (and your team) just a bit tired and emotional, and need to refresh your leadership mojo and team spirit?

  • Maybe you have never experienced the power of coaching and want to try it out for a bargain price.

  • Or maybe you're just looking for a great Christmas or Thank You gift for someone you know who needs a boost.

Then consider this excellent opportunity!

I am offering some 45-minute coaching sessions in return for a minimum £25 donation to MicroLoan Foundation. I am taking part in the #WLACoachathon2021, a 24-hour, global coaching marathon taking place on 17th November 2021.

That’s right, you can book your next life-changing coaching session with me for just £25.

What’s more, that £25 will be directly donated to MicroLoan, supporting a woman in sub-Saharan Africa to start her own small business, generating an income to feed her family, pay for healthcare and send her children to school.

Book now - it’s first come first served! Visit the Coachathon website, search for my name, and click to book your session:



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