• Kim F Vaughan

Celebrating optimism with a special offer!

It's July, and in the UK we have enjoyed the best spring weather for many years. The summer stretches out ahead of us - albeit without the full range of sporting milestones or holiday plans thanks to Covid-19 - but I am optimistic about us emerging eventually into a better world.

OK, there are plenty of signs of the world undergoing painful change, and many people have suffered devastating loss. So, let's hope for best, take the opportunity to recalibrate, consider what's been happening and learn lessons to sustain a better way of living.

We have seen the very best of people lately. Sadly, we have also seen some of the worst. I would love it if our appreciation for what (and who) is important remains as a lasting legacy to honour the people who have cared for us and a worthy memorial for those who have died. I hope we can leave behind those bits of our history that are holding us back from creating a future that we can all be proud of.

We have all been forced to transform our expectations and show creativity in dealing with lockdown this year. Now is a great time to think about where we want go from here, consider new ways of being and doing, and take the chance to revise and re-prioritise our life, leadership and career goals.

To share my optimism about what we as individuals can do to create a future we can be proud of, I am celebrating with a three-for-two offer on my DEFINE coaching during July 2020. Sign up for three sessions and pay for only two!

Call me on +44 (0)7391 668526 or email kim@kimfvaughan-coaching.co.uk - I am looking forward to working with you!

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