• Kim F Vaughan

Nothing to say here

The dark winter days have taken their toll on me! For a while now, I have been thinking about topics for discussing with you all and feeling that there is nothing worth saying.

Don't get me wrong, there has been plenty going on, most of it good.

We spent a great Christmas break hosted by our daughter, her partner and their two cats in the house they moved into last year. I admit that this was the first time in many years that the Christmas build-up was down to someone else and I was at a loss for a little while. No food planning or preparation for visitors. Just get in the car and go. But I soon relaxed into it!

Work has been good too. Reflection over the holidays confirms that I really enjoy what I do. Feedback from clients confirms that they benefit from our discussions.

Socially, we have all suffered from the impact of COVID lockdowns, fear of transmission and much-reduced diary commitments. Yet, those events that have happened have been more pleasurable. Connections with people have deepened, becoming more meaningful, at least for me. I believe we appreciate each other more than we did before.

So, does this mean that communication has become more personal and individual? Is the broad brush of a social media post no longer making enough of a connection? There is no shortage of material available to view, though I notice that I am quicker to scroll through without stopping to read things at the moment, and my own viewing figures are down.

It's true that not posting anything for ages obviously means there is nothing to see here! But I wonder if you are feeling there is nothing to say here, too. As the daylight hours increase with the coming Spring, will my sense of value to the broader community return?

I would love to know how you have been dealing with the dark of the winter and if and how your communication style is affected by the seasons.

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