• Kim F Vaughan

Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

I have loved the last few weeks of quiet reflection, wrapped up by the Christmas tree in the glow of the fire, wallowing in the silence of lockdown, eating too much and gradually bringing forward the point in the day when a snifter of brandy is in order. But now it is time to wake up. The new year is upon us and there is work to do!

Doing nothing has been a cure for the anxieties of 2020, when it has felt important to do something every day to avoid going mad. The disappointment of not seeing family and friends, dreading the fallout from Brexit 'deal or no deal' games, worrying about whether our genetic make up leaves us more or less vulnerable to Covid-19, and the potential success (or not) of my business, have all given in to the torpor of the seasonal vacuum. Equanimity reigns.

How to keep hold of that sense of calm and direct all my energy to the right things in 2021? The big question for all of us, I should think. As a coach, I help others to identify and navigate to their North Star. At the beginning of the year, as my eyes open and I look around me, will I be distracted by self-loathing about the extra pounds gained, or ruined by a lack of belief in myself? Or will I smell the coffee, take a dose of my own medicine, revisit my vision, review my goals, and establish an action plan for this year and beyond that will make me proud?

It is easy to deviate from good intentions. It feels easier to do nothing than to do something. Bad news can fill our thoughts with pointlessness - news of the death of a dear old friend shook me to the core before Christmas, and paralysed rational thought for a while. Or bad news can spur us on to make sure we waste no time in following our dreams.

Whether it is sorting out a new broadband supplier, getting those loose slates fixed on the roof, or going full tilt for world peace, let's not be distracted by sorrow, disappointment and regrets. Let's wake up and smell the coffee!

Give me a call if I can help you to do the same.

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