• Kim F Vaughan

Unleash your ambition!

I'm honoured to work alongside Achieve Breakthrough as an Associate Coach, helping the many delegates who are enrolled on their various transformational leadership programmes to achieve their commitments. Breakthrough thinking has inspired me to become an executive and leadership coach, and informs both my practice and my daily life.

This fabulous podcast series brings everyone a chance to gain insights into what it takes to achieve your own breakthroughs.

If you want to unleash your ambition, understand change, possibility, and gain clarity about defining what you want, then follow this podcast. The episode 'From limited to unlimited possibility' with Stephen Carver, is terrific.

Link to podcast on Apple:


Find out more about Achieve Breakthrough here: https://www.achievebreakthrough.com/

Contact me directly if you want some individual coaching to sprinkle some magic on yourself, your leadership and your thinking!

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